Open Hearth Ministries
A program of Homeward Bound in Puyallup, Washington
How long has Open Hearth Ministries been in existence?
In February of 2002, a meeting attended by key representatives of our community met to strategize and mobilize resources for homeless people in need. From that group, Open hearth Ministries was established and began in January of 2003. Some of those initial volunteers are still serving the ministry today.

How serious is the homeless problem in East Pierce County?
In the spring of 2014, more than 400 children were reported homeless in the Puyallup School District. Those were just the reported cases, which means the real number is higher.

What other community organizations does Open Hearth Ministries  network?
OHM is a member of the Tacoma/Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness and the Puyallup Homeless Coalition which connect us with a wide circle of agencies who work with issues of homelessness. We work most closely with AP4H, St. Francis House, Helping Hand House, Share and Care House, Sumner Family Services, All Saints Community Services, Puyallup School District and local food banks.

How can my church or organization help?
Pray for those suffering homelessness or increase awareness of homelessness in our own community.  Invite an OHM volunteer to speak at your church or organization.  Consider taking a special offering for OHM or sponsoring a fundraising event. Encourage classes or small groups to collect quarters for laundry, travel size toiletry items, small sized toys, and $25 gift cards for gas.  We would love to speak at your church, committee or organization.  If this is a possibility, please email us so we can arrange to meet with you and share what we do.