Open Hearth Ministries
A program of Homeward Bound in Puyallup, Washington
Phone Screener
This is a perfect opportunity for someone to volunteer from their home! Being the screener is a vital role. The screener is the first point of contact for a family seeking help. The screeners job is to  gather information. 
By listening and asking questions, screeners gain the information needed to determine if a family qualifies for our program.
Screeners typically carry the Open Hearth phone for a week at a time. On a average day you will recieve 3 to 7 calls. Many of those callers will not qualify for our program. The call typically does not last more than several minutes.
During a family's  short stay with us, the visitor will be their contact person. 
A visitor meets with the family at least once during their 3  day stay. 
The purpose of the visit is to help assess the immediate needs of the family and provide resources. Families may be in  need of food, gas, proper resources etc..
Visitors carry a notebook that includes helpful community resources and intake forms to use while visiting the family.  
One of the main things you will be giving to the family is encouragement to get themselves out of the situation they are in at the present time.

Other Opportunities

Grant Writing

Grant Research

Mission Boards

If you are blessed with the gift of grant writing, we could use you!
We are in need of someone who has a little time to research for the different grant opportunities  that may be available in our area.
Are you the arts and crafts type person? We would love some tri-board displays that could be used at mission fairs, informational speaking events and fundraisers.




We give families toileties pack (gallon size ziplock bag)  with toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo etc.. We also include paper products. We can always use these items. This is a great group project.
If your expertise is in fundraising, we would love to meet with you to discuss different options. 
We are always in want of different items to take into the motel rooms for the families such a small quilts, toys, etc.. If you or your group come up with a idea we would love to hear about it.